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The Disney Model is an easy sell when the product is good and the salesman excels at his craft. The Disney Model is explained best by my friend Ernie (retired CEO of EH Wright Corporation) who wrote this about Computers-ITPro’s 280 perfect five star reviews.

As you read the 280 perfect reviews one thing stands out. There are no negative reviews. 
That's unheard of in the service industry and service is what Jimmy is all about. It's a known fact that if you have a bad service experience you will inform all of your friends about it. If your experience was good you may tell a few folks about it.

 But, if your experience is so good it blows your mind you will become a salesman for him. You can't wait to tell someone about your experience. 

It's what's known as the "Disney Model". 

He didn't plan it. 
He didn't invent it. 
It's not his business plan. 
It's just who he is.

The Disney Model
280 Perfect Five Star Reviews

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