About the Business ... "Putting People Ahead of the Curve"

Fantastic laptop sale now....we build them...
Hundreds sold..Our laptops we build have Intel Pentium 2.2GHz CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 18 GB of virtual RAM
240 Solid State hard drive, office 2019, all programs transferred from old PC to new one for FREE;
And they are so FAST they get a ticket on I-7

The business was created to provide  Home Users with high-quality low cost, one-stop comprehensive support for all  computer and technology needs; without leaving the United States.

 More About the Owner

The owner of the business, Mr. Jimmy Carter, is a man of  integrity who spent the majority of his life as a teacher and coach.  He also was in the 18th Airborne Corp's Headquarters Division and at only 20 years of age and an E-1 (lowest rank in the Army) he taught officers and enlisted men {AR} Army Regulation forms and submissions requirements to the Pentagon.  .......He laughs when he talks about his first class of 45 soldiers of Captains, Lieutenants, Master Sergeants and enlisted men and even a Full Bird Colonel as his students....and they knew Jimmy was the boss.  The Colonel was a 82nd Airborne Chaplain.

Mr. Carter is a retired Science Teacher and football coach from Long Island, New York, who among other responsibilities, had served on the Board of Directors of the Science Teachers of New York State (NYSTA).  

Mr. Carter also lectured extensively to science teachers at seminars presented by the New York State Science Teachers Association at different Universities on his favorite topics of stratigraphy and geomorphology. 

Mr Carter is licensed in New York and North Carolina in all sciences and since his retirement he taught Computer Science (vehicle for Biology and Chemistry)  several years at South Rowan High School in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Mr Carter has worked with every aspect of computer operations for over 20 yrs. His extensive experience and patience in helping students understand complex principles transitions effectively in helping people work with their computer in a more simpler user friendly manner. He also published  many computer science articles on 
computers and here is an example of one from 2007. Click Here to see how he thinks.

What Customers Say About Jimmy

The Disney Model is an easy sell when the product is good and the salesman excels at his craft. The Disney Model is explained best by my friend Ernie (retired CEO of EH Wright Corporation) who wrote this about Computers-ITPro’s 280 perfect five star reviews.

As you read the 280 perfect reviews one thing stands out. There are no negative reviews. 
That's unheard of in the service industry and service is what Jimmy is all about. It's a known fact that if you have a bad service experience you will inform all of your friends about it. If your experience was good you may tell a few folks about it.

 But, if your experience is so good it blows your mind you will become a salesman for him. You can't wait to tell someone about your experience. 

It's what's known as the "Disney Model". 

He didn't plan it. 
He didn't invent it. 
It's not his business plan. 
It's just who he is.

Jimmy started Computers-ITPro in 2002 and has had 1000’s of customers since he started. 
The name of his corporation when he started was Computers-ITPro.com and it is still Computers-ITPro.com 
and has over 280 perfect five star reviews.

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The Real Me...Jimmy Carter...Publisher
 Thought you would like to see me 39 years ago...I am now 84..

I was the HEAD FOOTBALL COACH; Don't laugh at the shirt, I couldn't say no because the kids on the school newspaper supplied the shirt and hat for the picture..on the seven man sled.

Coach Carter