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We fix any laptop or desktop in less than one hour no matter what is wrong with it as long as we don't have to order parts.

We Setup And Sell Desktops and Laptops That:
1. Turn on in 10 to 12 seconds.
2.  Turn off in less then one second
3.  Produce very little (no) heat.
4...Everything you click on is instant
     as shown in this video on Utube.
5.  For under $580.00
6...Comes with solid state hard drive
7.  Comes with a 320 or 500 GB external hard drive. 

        Go into any big time PC store and tell them this is what 
        you are looking for and they tell you it doesn't exist..
Computer Repair Mooresville NC
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Click on the Laptop
     This you won't believe so I am posting pictures for you!
Pictures of Before and After When We Set Up Your Laptop
Notice the wireless connection speed is 866.7 Mbps
.8667 GB/PS
After We Set Your Laptop Up

When you buy your laptop look at the wireless connection speed.
                                  It is  .0722 GB/PS
And as you see here that is          72.2 Mbps  
After Bluetooth
Do you know the difference between
72.2  Mbps and Bluetooth 866.7 Mbps
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Bluetooth 4.2 HD WiFi by Computers-ITPro LLC
All Our Laptops and Desktops are Reconfigured with Bluetooth

All of our DESKTOPS are also Bluetooth HD WiFi.
That means something you download that used to 
take you 15 minutes now takes 30 seconds or less.